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Industries we cater

Aerospace, Medical Equipment, Aviation, Electronics, Telecom, Automobile, Heavy machines, Oil & Gas

Medical Equipment
Oil and Gas

CNC Machining

Seizo is a full-service CNC Machine shop, ISO 9001: 2015 and AS 9100: 2016 Rev D certified. We have the capacity to produce one off prototypes, to a high volume “just in time” supply of parts. Our range of CNC Milling machines, both 3 and 4 axis, and CNC Lathes, and a wide range of channel Partners, allow us to produce parts, No matter the complexity and quantity required. This means smaller lead times with cost effective machining. With routine servicing we ensure our machines are constantly performing at peak performance, maintaining sizes and utilising their full capabilities.

With our employees coming from diverse trade backgrounds, and our investments into our research and development, you can be sure that no matter how complex the component is, we can find a way to work together and suggest a suitable method of manufacture.

All of our CNC Machines use universal CAD/ CAM software. This allows us to do much more intricate machining and improves programming time, improving our “value for money” policy.

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Our specialization

We specialize in manufacturing Aluminum Alloy and Stainless-Steel components

Value Added Services

CMM Inspection
Wire EDM EDM Sparking
Engraving • Laser Engraving • Machine Engraving
Grinding • Surface Grinding • Cylindrical Grinding
Coating/Finishing Processes • Anodizing • Chromate Conversion • Black Oxide/Blackening • Nickel Plating • Zinc Coating
Material Testing • Physical Properties • Chemical Properties • NDT

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